• If your instincts tell you something is going on, then following your instincts and call cross investigations. They helped me through a very stressful situation (cheating spouse) helped by offering options to work within my budget, showed empathy, and was very confidential. Your peace of mind is priceless! 

  • I was having a hard time locating a person who was the last registered owner of a motorcycle I received after my father's death, according to the DMV the motorcycle did not turn up any paper trail in all 50 states, so I contacted cross investigations (Kim Campbell) and I told her what was going on within 15 hours she phoned me and told me the right way about getting the title for the motorcycle my father left me after passing folks this woman knows what she's doing. 

  • I am very impressed with Kimberly and her thoroughness and planning. Im not local and after reading the super reviews I chose Cross Investigations. My anxiety level was significantly lowered after talking to Kimberly. Her surveillance save me a lot of money, time and aggravation. Ask yourself "how much is your time worth?" You'll see her rates are very reasonable. Thank you so much Kimberly!

    Micheal R.
  • Kim was able to find a former employee for a few years back who had since moved on and had a crucial information on my business job that had resurfaced. Her quick afterward immediately enabled us to be able to contact this individual and save thousands of dollars on reworking the job. Cross investigations demonstrated the ability to search and locate the right individual. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to find someone fast and efficiently.

  • I have never dealt with an investigator before, so I was nervous about calling. I found him to be knowledgeable, and helpful. She made me feel comfortable while she listened to my needs. Her results were fast and accurate. Her rate is quite reasonable! I would definitely use her again. 

  • This agency was super at helping us with a, particularly difficult case! Kimberly, we are impressed with your dedication and passion and helping folks bring the truth to light. 

  • Gray and throughout services provided by Kimberly. Although I am located 2000 miles away, she provided excellent detailed services that were central to my custody case. My children are now currently residing with me thanks to her efforts. She was an excellent witness in my hearing as well. I highly recommended Cross investigations to do your surveillance/investigative work. 

    Charles J.
  • I needed to private investigators for a long time. I need a ton of information collected and good experience detectives to work on it. I called cross investigations first and explain the story to them and likely for me, she literally had access to other great PI's. She knew just how to delegate the work and obtain everything I was seeking. They have literally helped me so much in my life that I attribute the good position, I am in solely to this team.

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